Brand bio

“Although we may find comfort in individualism, we must understand our strength and power in unity.”

Too Strong United/Stronger United was inspired by the global act of solidarity and stance taken against the brutal and unjust murder of George Floyd in the spring of 2020. Although I had to watch from afar, the moment had not been lost on me. I watched protests and rallying calls for justice from Seattle to New York, West Africa to Eastern Asia, I watched this earth unite for a cause.

At the same time, these acts forced me to look deeper into how I was viewing my own world. The divisive and destructive nature that I and many other black men and women had succumbed to, a mentality that easily lasted until my late twenties. As I aged, I matured (which is not a given), understanding myself more psychologically while collecting a wealth of knowledge of historic African American heritage and history. All the while I was still amongst individuals who may not have wanted to continue down their same divisive, destructive path…but it was the only path they knew. My reality was being countered by the world demonstrating these incredible acts of unity, and this was the catalyst of this clothing brand before you.

Although this is more than a cause for unity within our culture and communities, Too Strong United also symbolizes the need for self-love, strength in solidarity, and the love and bond within our own personal relationships. I want this brand to inspire positive personal changes, cultural knowledge, and empowerment of collective groups as well as political strength.


  Too Strong United LLC.
100% Black owned and operated.